The sparkle that resides in each new day is a force unseen—
it’s become a force within. She is bright, forever beside me.

When I think of her I think of the truest, most genuine music:
a fiery and sweet accompaniment to each new day.

I hear her in the way birds call and sing to each other from the leaves of trees,
their notes left to reside and resonate richly in my heart, keeping me company.

I hear her in the quiet way that flowers grow, greeted by soft blue butterflies.
Meanwhile, the luminosity of the sun cannot pretend to compete with her, at all.

I hear her in the way the ocean speaks swiftly, leaving watermarks on my heart.
I see her in my dreams when she is not needed elsewhere, and am grateful for the visit.

She glitters inside raindrops, a whisper on the wind that plays with my hair.
A dazzling radiance—finest beauty—forever flying fearless forward.

Growing up, we got in trouble together, thinking we could get away with doing
the opposite of what our parents told us to do (duh). And now, more than ever,

each secret she told me is a treasure, a gem to hold tightly in my hand
and carry with me wherever I go. So this is what I do.

In cherishing her, we are wrapped in blankets of air-light, golden courage—
our hearts full to bursting with her song.

Scan 171740001

In loving memory of Taylor Marie Bell 
October 10, 1993 – December 23, 2013


2 thoughts on “Presence

  1. Cayley… I did not realize that you had this amazing poem you wrote from your heart ❤️ you are such a true friend and I love that you still carry the secrets you shared 🦋Thank you for such a heart wrenching and loving poem ☀️


    1. It means so much to me to have you say this, Jacqueline. Thank you! This is the poem I read out loud last year at the fundraiser, although after some edits I turned it into a couplet. Been thinking of you all day. Sending much love your way 💙


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