inhabit: vague shadows


illustrations by sawyer anderson (@scumbagartist)

my name changed from a village to a hamlet
how can a rock be proud, he asked
while the township we knew so well
(confined to its edges, a peninsula
sick of pretending to be what it’s not)
began to cultivate a healthy detachment
from the rest of us. it told us to

open our hearts, let them thaw from mistrust
brittle pieces break off as i shed old skin,
an alabaster lobster, liminal win,
making my boy a racoon whisperer,
wanderer of moon drenched labyrinths where
dark waters ink-stain the sides of turrets and
rivulets run from turmoil, this more-than-human
night vision. no gloves

cold fingers

our faith remade.


2 thoughts on “inhabit: vague shadows

  1. Thank you so much! I have a story about a moon and a labyrinth!!!! Rich words and melding image have given me a full plate experience..Oh to have “more than human” night vision! Much love guys!


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